We’re About to Save Your Halloween With These Perfect Last-Minute Costume Ideas

We know Halloween is supposed to be scary, but why does it have to sneak up on us like that?! The spooky holiday is coming up quick, and it’s easy to find yourself desperate for a last-minute costume. Maybe you didn’t plan to go out at all but you got invited to a party the day before and now you have to come up with something ASAP. Maybe a cute guy asks you to go on a beer crawl and you haven’t prepared but you want to impress him. Maybe you have to bring your kid trick-or-treating but you were too busy making their costumes to worry about your own. No matter the reason, we’ve got you covered.

Just because a costume is last-minute doesn’t mean it needs to be lame. Don’t you dare start cutting eye holes into a sheet! If you love funny pop culture references, why not try being Riiise and Shiiine Kylie Jenner, “100 percent that bitch,” or the Fiji water girl? If you want a more classic flair, try dressing up as Frida Kahlo or Rosie the Riveter. Oh, and if you have a whole group of pals and you want to include everyone? Don’t worry, we have some fun ideas for that too.

Click through the gallery below to see all of our quick and easy last-minute Halloween costume ideas!


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