When MasterChef Junior first premiered in 2013, viewers were worried how chef Gordon Ramsay, notorious for being the Simon Cowell of cooking competition shows, would handle a bunch of cooking child prodigies.

But surprisingly, not only did the show expose Gordon’s gentler side, it also became an instant family-friendly hit. It probably helped that all the contestants were sweet, talented kids who simply wanted to make the perfect beef Wellington.

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Since the show’s been on TV, there’ve been five winners, the most recent one being 11-year-old Jasmine Stewart who won season five in May 2017. Winners of MasterChef Junior not only get bragging rights, they get $100,000 and a trophy. Past winners, like season four’s Addison Osta Smith, even get to appear on talk shows like The Tonight Show and Hollywood Today Live.

“It still is kind of setting in,” Addison said earlier this year about her 2016 win. “It’s just completely surreal what happened from just seeing an advertisement for an open call.”

But not all past contestants have continued their pursuits in being chefs. Many past participants have switched to other endeavors, like acting or modeling. Check out the gallery below to see what past winners, runner-ups, and semifinalists are up to today.