It may be hard to believe, but America's Got Talent has been entertaining us for over ten years now! Simon Cowell debuted his nationwide talent show back in 2006, and we're now in the midst of Season 12.

From opera singers to dogs doing crazy tricks, it feels like we've seen it all on this show. But while we're caught up rooting for our favorites each season, it's easy to forget what the winners are up to once the cameras stop rolling. What is Bianca Ryan, the little girl who won Season 1 with her amazing voice, doing now? Is she still putting out music? Is it true that she had an acting career too? And what about Neal E. Boyd, the opera singer who took home the prize in Season 3? Did you know he ran for a seat in the Missouri House of Representatives?

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Some of the winners have continued to pursue a career in entertainment, with many headlining residencies in Vegas or touring nationally. Meanwhile, others have tried out other professions, and some have shunned the spotlight completely since their AGT days. We've tracked every single winner down to see what they're up to, and what they look like these days. To give them major props, most of the contestants have aged better than us non-national-talent-show-winning mere mortals.

Take a look through the gallery below to see the transformations for yourself, and find out where your fave winners are now!