So long, sweaty armpits! Chrissy Teigen took to her Instagram Story on Tuesday, August 13, to reveal that she got Botox in her underarms. We know what you might be thinking, “That sounds totally unnecessary.” Well, as it happens, the cookbook author, 33, said it was “truly” the “best move” she’s ever made. 

Question is, was it painful? According to Chrissy, the answer is no. “No more soaking through silk! Truly didn’t hurt at all! But I also do laser hair removal there … so my pain tolerance might be quite high,” she replied to a fan who inquired about the procedure on Twitter. 

To be honest, even if it does hurt, not sweating through silk sounds pretty darn appealing. Of course, not everyone needs Botox in their underarms. In fact, it’s generally only reserved for people who sweat excessively — a.k.a Chrissy, apparently. If you sweat a moderate amount, deodorant should be just fine!

Chrissy Teigen Twitter
Courtesy of Chrissy Teigen/Twitter

Because Chrissy is always so authentic with her fans, a lot of them tend to reply to her posts with stories of their own. One girl in particular wrote, “I need Botox in my armpits so bad! I sweat like no other! No deodorant/antiperspirant can put my sweat on lockdown. I can’t wear white/light colored shirts because I sweat through in seconds! One day I’m getting Botox and wearing white shirts everyday after.” 

Get ready to smile so big, y’all, because Chrissy’s reply was everything. “Oh my God, you are adorably passionate about this like I was. Where do you live? DM me, I have a gift for you.” As it stands, we don’t know what Chrissy gifted this lucky lady, but we bet it was awesome! In conclusion: Celebrities everywhere, be more like Chrissy. 

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