Play time! Chrissy Teigen took to her Instagram Story on Monday, July 29, to give fans a glimpse of how she spends time with her daughter, Luna Stephens, and this time it involved selling hats. Well, pretending to, at least.

The 33-year-old filmed her 3-year-old in action. “Luna, what are we?” Chrissy asked her first-born. “Hat sellers,” her little one replied. “Can I buy a hat, madam?” the mom of two asked Luna, to which she replied, “Yes. Here’s a hat.” Then, Luna handed her mom an invisible hat. From there, the Cravings author switched it up when she asked her daughter if she could buy Big Bird, to which Luna obliged and pretended to hand her that, along with a “horsey.” Based on these activities, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Luna and her little brother, Miles Stephens, grow up to be some pretty creative adults.

Chrissy is all about capturing her kids’ most memorable moments on camera. She recently took to social media to show Miles, 14 months, roaming the house for the first time.”I think I just got his first real steps!” the 33-year-old wrote on the clip. Aw!

Despite being super young, Chrissy and John Legend’s son has had his fair share of things to be proud of. In December 2018, Chrissy announced on Twitter that her baby boy would be using a helmet. “Baby Miles [is] getting fitted for a little helmet today for his adorable slightly misshapen head. So, if you see pictures, don’t feel bad for him because he’s just fixing his flat and honestly, he’s probably gonna be even cuter with it somehow,” she shared on Twitter at the time.

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In March, her son graduated from wearing the helmet. “Such a trooper for 3 months of helmet. Happy graduation, Miles!” she wrote as she shared a video of herself holding him. “Happy helmet-free day! No more helmet! No more helmet!”

He’s come a long way!