*Salivates uncontrollably.* On Wednesday, February 27, Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to announce that she’s launching her very own recipe website. Oh man … after mannnnnny years of talking about it and muccccch work by many extraordinary beings, I am finally going to have a WEBSITE on the INTERNETS!” the Cravings author, 33, wrote.

“I want to fill it with recipes upon your arrival (new! not the same from the books). I would love for you to tell me what I should make! Please let me know here and I will screen grab and tag your questions or recipe requests on the site!!” the mother-of-two quickly followed up. Ummm, are our eyes deceiving us or did Chrissy just say that she’s taking requests? Y’all, this is too much. Summer body? Never heard of it.

Of course, fans immediately began to reply with their suggestions. Here are a few of our favorites: “I would love to see a lasagna recipe,” “Garlic knots,” and “I need a new dip,” speak to us on a spiritual level. Oh, and we can’t forget the one queen who said, “All things cocktails.” Let’s face it, everyone knows that the only thing Chrissy does better than food is booze … even if she can’t always handle her liquor. *Wink, wink.*

Disclaimer: If you plan on submitting a request for Chrissy, make sure to be specific. “Please try to make it more detailed than ‘salads,’ you nuts,” the brunette beauty quipped. Girl, OK, we’d like a low-calorie dish that somehow combines ice cream, bacon, chocolate and savory cheeses.

We’ll be over here patiently awaiting your masterpiece. As it stands, Chrissy has yet to provide a launch date or name for her website, but if it’s anything like her personality, we know it will be deliciously bold.

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