This is some serious snacking! Chrissy Teigen had a hankering for her favorite childhood frozen pizza. When she entrusted her husband, John Legend, to order it, there was a slight miscommunication that unraveled into a fight. Lucky for us, the cookbook author shared the whole ordeal on Twitter for fans to weigh in on.

“I am having a Totino’s craving. I don’t want a great pizza. I want a pizza from my childhood, with sliced fresh tomatoes on top,” the 33-year-old began her story on social media. The famous frozen pizza brand was a staple for many people growing up so we can relate to wanting that super familiar taste. However, the singer, 40, didn’t realize they made anything except pizza rolls and ordered the wrong item.

“For 30 minutes we have been discussing how to ensure crispness,” the former model continued after the order was placed on Postmates. “I say it needs to be on the rack. He says no it has to go on a pan. The pizza is merely en route and I’m so madly excited about it that we are discussing how to handle its arrival.”

At this point, the duo still doesn’t know that they were talking about two very different products, which is how the annoyance grew. “Pizza still 20 minutes out, he goes, ‘Do you want the tomato on top of it?’ and I was like, ‘No idiot, under it. Yes, it goes on top.'”

After explaining that “pizza shaped my life,” the delivery finally arrived. This is the point when they finally realize they were on two different pages. “It’s pizza rolls,” her story waged on. “He has no idea Totino’s makes pizza. But, more importantly, he thinks I am so stupid I would think tiny pizza rolls go directly onto the rack … and that I would want tiny slices of fresh tomato on a god damn singular pizza roll.”

The social media star added, “I am blown away he indulged this conversation, thinking I was talking about rolls.” She also admitted that the pizza rolls versus regular pizza debacle turned into an “actual fight.”

Don’t worry, friends, not all was lost. The mom-of-two did end up getting the standard Totino’s pizza delivered and even added tomato on top. The moral of the story is: When you get a late night snack craving, just handle the ordering on your own.

Glad you got your Totino’s, Chrissy!

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