Another day, another Chrissy Teigen Instagram blunder! It seems John Legend’s wifey is always in trouble with the social media police, and this time it’s all because of a video she posted.

Since the post went up over the weekend, it’s garnered a ton of responses from fans. And though the video might seem innocent at first, Twitter did not hold back when dissing the model. Watch the video below to see what went down.

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The 31-year-old is no stranger to ridicule. Back in May when Chrissy joked about getting plastic surgery in an interview with Allure, she faced some epic backlash.

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“Everything else is fake, but my cheeks are real,” Chrissy told the mag. “Women are like, ‘Those fake-ass cheeks,’ and I’m like, ‘No! This is my real face.’ I’m very open with all that other shit, but I think Mary’s always been so wonderful with making everything look so, so natural.”

After the joke fell flat, Chrissy took to Twitter to explain. “Reminder to never ever joke, ever (I did do the [armpit lipo], no regrets except it clearly came back),” the model wrote. “You think I’d have this ass if I’d done extensive work? Like who would ask for this ass.” Well, Chrissy, we appreciate your humor! Don’t let the haters bring you down.