Third time's the charm right? Maybe not. Christen Whitney, lovingly known as "Scallop Fingers" after her stint on Bachelor in Paradise last year, made her return to TV on June 2 during ABC's The Proposal!

Before the episode aired, she explained why she made the decision to go on the show, which has so far gotten mixed (read: bad) reviews. "You guys can tune in tonight after @bacheloretteabc if you want to witness me doing the cringiest thing I’ve ever done…. In all seriousness, I like to live my life to the fullest/take risks, and have fun. I never want to be someone who sits on the sidelines of my own life. I’m grateful to ABC for all of these adventurous opportunities! ? ?."

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Fans quickly started trolling her, because while they expected her to be the prize of the pageant show, she was actually just one of the many girls vying for the man's heart "She is a contestant, not the main gal," said one follower. Another commented, "Scallop fingers would!" Luckily, many more were supportive. "How have you not found love yet, you're beautiful. Guys are blind!" said one fan, while another added, "Good for you!! It takes guts to just do it and have fun."

Christen opened up about her intentions entering the show before the big premiere. "Let me break it down: Yes: it’s a wild concept. No: I haven’t lost my mind lol. Yes: I am always willing and open to new adventures. Yes: I can’t wait to meet my person. No: I didn’t think that I would experience love at first sight, " she wrote on Instagram of the dating show. "Yes: I do believe some people can and DO! Yes: I do think Mike Fleiss’ aim is to first make interesting TV, but also to matchmake soul mates. No: I would not have accepted a marriage proposal. Yes: I did have a blast and met fun, dynamic people!" Now we'll just have to see if she made it to the end!

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