Every season of The Bachelorette, there is the highly anticipated two-on-one date that brings two feuding contestants to face off for one rose. On Becca Kufrin's season, it was Jordan Kimball and David "Chicken Guy" Ravitz. The nemeses headed to a bed in the middle of the desert — if you're having Ashley I. and Kelsey flashbacks, you are not alone — and it didn't take long for David to call out Jordan for his (un)model behavior.

Along with accusing him of bragging about his 4,000 Tinder matches, David also claimed that the 26-year-old Florida native said he was "settling" for Becca, which unsurprisingly reminded Becca of her ex-fiancé Arie Luyendyk Jr., who dumped her on national television. Jordan denied the claims, and Becca compared the situation to the sixth-grade fight and called it "petty." So, did Becca send Jordan home?

In the words of Jordan, "Why did the chicken cross the road? To get buried in the f—king desert," Jordan joked before heading to dinner with Becca while David sat alone on a bed in the desert. "Jordan doesnt care about anybody but himself and thats what pisses me off," David said of his elimination. "It's really, really disheartening she chose a f–k boy clown over a guy with a quality heart." However, Jordan wasn't laughing for long because Becca didn't give him, or his golden underwear, a rose either.

"I did not see that coming. I'm in shock right now. I'm numb," Jordan explained after Becca revealed she was not feeling a connection with the Zoolander wannabe. "I put myself out there and I got no reward. It sucks. It really does suck. I'm happy I can be a better man than David but it doesnt feel too much like that because I'm going home on the same day… I wish I knew what she didnt like about me. Tomorrow, I'll wake up alone just like I always do."

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