Look who’s full of confessions lately! First Corinne Olympios admitted she had been engaged last year, then she revealed that Ellen DeGeneres made her uncomfortable, and now she’s telling the world that she has a brand spankin’ new boyfriend!


“I am dating someone right now,” Corinne told People in a new interview. While she’s not ready to tell the world his name yet, she promised it won’t be a secret forever. “I just feel like I’ve been through so much with relationships in this past single year that I need to take it in my own slow pace. And when I’m ready—you know I’m not hiding anything—pictures will start popping up, but I’m just not going to blurb it out to the world just yet.”

So, how did she meet this mystery man? The Bachelor Nation, of course! “It was a set up from a friend. A reality TV friend,” she explained. “I’m really happy about it. I just think that he is so caring and so supportive of me.” Luckily, it sounds like he also appreciated her childish sense of humor. “He’s also hilarious, which I need. I need someone funny. My past relationships they didn’t laugh at funny things. He’s okay with me making SpongeBob references and laughing with me about them. Past guys I’ve dated were like, ‘Ew. That’s so immature.’ It’s like, ‘C’mon just laugh about it. Be cute for a second. You’re so boring!’”

It sounds like her ex-fiance fit into this “boring” category, as she revealed that he was super traditional and made her remove her tattoo for him, and they didn’t even end up staying together! Besides the fiance, Corinne also dated Jordan Gielchinsky before going on Bachelor in Paradise and dealing with her sex scandal. We can’t wait to meet her new beau!