International soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is getting ready to welcome his fourth child any day now, but fans are still mystified by the secrecy surrounding his first three children. From the undisclosed baby mama of his oldest son Cristiano Jr, to the fact that his twins were kept a secret until they were born via surrogate, it’s hard to keep his story straight!

Who is Cristiano’s first baby mama?

Cristiano has gone to great lengths to keep the identity of Cristiano Jr’s mother a secret. Fans were stunned in 2010 when he revealed on his website that he was suddenly a father, and that he had “exclusive guardianship” of the infant. He wrote that he planned to keep the mother confidential, but Daily Mail reported that he had impregnated a poor American waitress during a one night stand, and offered her £10 million to hand over the child and keep her identity a secret. Cristiano Jr is now seven years old, and was raised by Cristiano and his mom Dolores. Cristiano Jr also spent a lot of time with Cristiano’s ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk while they were together from 2010-2015. His current girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez is now very close with his son, often seen cuddling him, holding his hand at events, and calling him “her boy.”

Who is the mother of Cristiano’s twins?

Cristiano shocked the world again when he revealed that he was expecting twins via surrogate in March, and Mateo and Eva were quickly born in June. The whole thing was super secretive; the kids have his lesser-known surname of Dos Santos, and he wasn’t even there for their birth! He hasn’t confirmed who their biological mother is, but it likely isn’t Georgina, who he began dating in late 2016. The twins would have been conceived around September. Georgina is also raising them and calls them her own. Meanwhile, she is about to become a mom herself!

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Georgina is expecting Cristiano’s fourth baby soon.

The happy news that 22-year-old Georgina is pregnant broke just before the birth of the twins, which made the whole ordeal even more confusing. Original reports claimed that her due date is in October, but she attended the FIFA Awards after party with Cristiano on Oct. 24, and though she’s clearly pregnant, she doesn’t look that big yet. It’s pretty wild that Cristiano’s fourth child will be the first one with a known mother, but the family seems happy nonetheless.

Georgina is clearly head-over-heels for Cristiano, and plans to be part of his life for a long time. “Let’s drink, for now without alcohol but with your deserved trophy ?,” she teased, congraulating him on his recent FIFA men’s player of 2017 award. “Keep it up, always fighting, that I will be by your side loving you, giving you support, affection, tranquility and everything you need when you get home. In good times and bad, how could it be otherwise. We love you and admire you, champion.”

What about Irina Shayk?

Cristiano dated Irina Shayk from 2010-2015. The five-year relationship is thought to be the longest and most serious he’s ever had. However, he did not have any children with Irina, and she actually just had a baby in March with Bradley Cooper. Irina subtly accused him of cheating by saying she wanted a man that was “honest and faithful” after their split.

Cristiano Ronaldo Junior is a little business man.

Cristiano and his son Junior are super close, and even though he’s only seven years old, he’s already going into business with his dad. The duo recently teamed up on a denim line called CR7 Junior.