After quitting Dance Moms, Abby Lee Miller could find herself in prison for 10 years following a lengthy fraud case. But despite her uncertain future, the 50-year-old isn’t holding back when it comes to slamming her former employers, whom she claims “manipulated, disrespected, and used” her.

“I just don’t want to fight anymore,” the Lifetime star explained in an interview with Entertainment Tonight while holding back tears. “I don’t want to do it anymore.”

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The studio owner revealed in a lengthy Instagram post on Sunday, March 26, that part of the reason she’s leaving is because she hasn’t received creative credit for “award winning routines, themes, and costuming” seen on the show.

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Abby with some of her dancers from the series.

“I think the word ‘Respect,’ I think the word ‘Trust,’ and I think the word ‘Thank you’ was missing from my relationship with the production company,” she told the site. When asked about her replacement, DWTS pro Cheryl Burke, Abby said, “I’m glad that someone who has worked on a network show for as long as she has is going to see what I’ve been working with for seven seasons.”

The choreographer really broke down when discussing her potential prison sentence. “Are you prepared to spend time in prison?” interviewer Nischelle Turner asked. “No, no, no,” she responded, wiping tears from her eyes. Abby maintains she didn’t quit the show because of what the future might hold.

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“I chose to quit because I don’t want to fight for a great idea. I don’t want to fight for better music,” she explained. “I don’t want to fight for a bigger costume budget. Wait until Cheryl Burke deals with that. At Dancing With the Stars, they have two floors, an entire building of seamstresses sewing, rhinestoning, fringe… I bet you she’s treated differently. I bet you the budget is completely different.”

She concluded the interview by saying, “I’m finished working under these conditions.”

It’s save to say that this has turned into one drama-filled mess.