He’s a bit rough around the edges. Dane Cook has been laying low lately, but the comedian recently surfaced while on vacation with his girlfriend, who just happens to be 19 years old. Dane and the teen were spotted cuddling on the beaches of Hawaii and while people were definitely buzzing about the couple’s 26-year age gap, it seems his transformation peeked their interest more — sparking plastic surgery rumors.

“Let’s briefly ignore that Dane Cook is dating a teenager to investigate when he turned into Harvey Weinstein,” one commenter wrote on Twitter while another added, “As I was typing out my body shaming response, I realized that I was in the process of body shaming @DaneCook, so I elected to hit delete. Instead, he should be shamed about the age of his current ‘someone else’s 19-YEAR-OLD” daughter.'” Ouch. So, weight gain and aging aside, has the Good Luck Chuck actor gone under the knife?

dane cook getty

Dane in 2003 vs. 2017.

Life & Style reached out to plastic surgery experts, who all agree that Dane, 45, has seemingly undergone minor cosmetic procedures over the years. “In the after photo, you can see how his eyebrows seem lower. This does occur with natural aging, but it does look like he has had Botox to the forehead because the middle part of his brow is lower than the outer part,” Dr. Andrew Miller, who has never treated Dane, said. “If it were simply aging, the whole brow would come down together.”

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Hamawy, who has also never treated the funny man, agreed, adding, “Dane Cook is using Botox, or Brotox as we like to call it, to help elevate the eyebrows and keep his forehead smooth from wrinkles. But that is also what is making the center portion of his brow look heavy. He also looks like he has had a rhinoplasty to narrow the width of his nose.”

Despite the controversy surrounding his new relationship with singer Kelsi Taylor and his new look, there is no denying Dane is happier than ever. “No matter how I’m feeling, talking to my gf always makes me feel that x10,” he recently tweeted. Dane and Scott Disick and their kids girlfriends should go on a double date.