How bout dat?! Danielle Bregoli has made quite the name for herself, turning her 15 minutes of fame from a viral Dr. Phil episode into a pretty lucrative career. Over the past year, the 14-year-old has gained an impressive social media following and has starred in a handful of rap videos — but now, the “Cash Me Outside” girl is launching her own rap career under the moniker “Bhad Bhabie” (pronounced Bad Baby) with the release of her first single “These Heaux” — with “heaux” pronounced as “hoes.”

And in the official music video, which was released on Aug. 30, it looks like Danielle isn’t afraid to make some enemies. She raps the line, “These hoes they feed off attention, zero time that’s what I give ’em,” while the camera shifts to a Kylie Jenner lookalike getting lip and butt injections. Ummm… ouch!

With a considerable amount of autotune, Dani uses this track to call out her haters, spitting lines like, “These hoes be lackin’, see me in back and they talk all this s–t but don’t say it in person.” She went on to call out broke hoes, fake hoes, and hoes who apparently can’t keep a man. “Got me fed up, you hoes too fake, one minute he [sic] your man, he [sic] your ride or die, the next minute on the ground with a new bae. These hoes, these hoes, shame on these hoes.”

She even seemingly references Kylie and her ex-boyfriend Tyga when she sings, “I’m in the Maybach, heard you got repoed.” The “Rack City” rapper has made headlines in the past for his money issues, and his Maybach was actually repossessed last September.

Danielle has been very vocal about her dislike for Kylie. Last week, she revealed to In Touch that she doesn’t plan on tuning in to the lip kit queen’s new show Life of Kylie. “I haven’t and won’t watch that garbage. I [have] been seeing the reviews too. Looks like it’s a s–tty booty a– show,” she said.

As for T, she seems to be a little softer on him. When asked what she thought of the 27-year-old back in April, she said, “He is way too old for me and I don’t want Kylie’s sloppy seconds. He fine though.”