New year, new butt? On Dec. 31, Madonna stepped out at The Stonewall Inn in NYC to give a surprise New Year’s Eve performance. While the legendary singer, 60, belted out several classics, it was her behind that garnered the most attention.

After several pictures and videos surfaced on the internet, fans began to suspect that the “Like A Prayer” songstress has gotten butt implants. “Wait, did Madonna get her butt bigger? Or please tell me it’s pads. I thought her a– got bigger around the second ‘Tears Of A Clown’ show, but then got smaller, and was I like ‘OK, maybe I was imagining it,’  but after last night, did sis just get it bigger??” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Madonna got a fake butt. Aw, no. And this dancing is tragic,” echoed another. Someone else commented: “I think the saddest ending to 2018 is finding out Madonna got butt implants.”

Geez, y’all are something else. It’s just a butt! Sure, a really ~famous~ butt, but a butt, nonetheless. At this time, Madonna has yet to comment on the plastic surgery rumors. However, many of her loyal followers have also taken to social media in her defense.

“Butt implants or no butt implants Madonna still is looking hot AF! She honored the LGBT community with her presence and the first performance of 2019! She is a living legend and an icon! Can’t wait for the new album!” one fan expressed. “HNY, my queen! I’m hoping that you’re not doing any of those butt implants… your body is beautiful the way it is, and you NEVER follow the crowd!” added another.

At the end of the day, Madonna looks pretty darn amazing, especially for her age! Whether she got butt implants or not? Well, that’s between her and her potential plastic surgeon. Keep killin’ it, girl.