Did Selena Gomez go under the knife? The 26-year-old “I Can’t Get Enough” singer sparked major boob speculation after stepping out for WE Day on April 25 in a black dress with a plunging neckline. With that, Life & Style spoke with two board certified plastic surgeons to get their professional opinions on whether Selena’s enhanced assets are natural or not.

While neither Norman M. Rowe, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, nor Dr. Manish Shah, MD, Denver Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, have treated Selena personally, both experts seem to think that breast augmentation surgery is the cause of the actress’ larger chest. Additionally, Dr. Rowe believes that Selena may have had another cosmetic procedure done.

Selena Gomez
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

“As far as her face is concerned, I don’t really think she’s had any surgery. I think it is primarily due to makeup and weight changes,” Dr. Shah explained. “She’s just growing into her face. Her breasts, however, look larger without any evidence that she’s gained weight,” he continued. 

“This could be due to implants. It could also be due to the type of bra or tapes she wears,” Dr. Shah said. “Other photos I’ve seen show a clearer picture of possible implants, though.”

Selena Gomez

“In my professional opinion, it seems as though Selena has recently undergone a breast augmentation since she has much more cleavage now than in previous photos and received fillers in her lips since they appear fuller than before,” Dr. Rowe added. 

“Both of these procedures are extremely popular with 20-somethings,” he reasoned. “They make up 25 percent of my breast augmentation patients and are always coming into my practice to get injectables, especially in their lips.”

Either way, we think Selena is looking happier and healthier than ever! Keep killing it, girl.

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