If you’re a Tana Mongeau fan, you may have noticed the crickets and tumbleweeds inhabiting her YouTube channel for the last three weeks. After revealing she and her husband, Jake Paul, decided to take a break in a video posted to her channel in late December, the 21-year-old went totally dormant on the streaming platform. But on January 15, Tana finally addressed why she’s been so MIA lately.

“Guys, sorry for how long I haven’t uploaded,” she wrote to her fans and followers on Twitter. “Won’t happen again this year. Been trying to break for my mental and physical health which are both failing miserably LOL. Late 2019 recap coming ASAP.”

Plus, she also gave a little update on her MTV reality show, Tana Turns 21 — which it looks as though we’ll be able to catch more of shortly. “Still been shooting my show which has captured all of this mess,” she concluded her tweet, adding a black heart emoji. “2020, I’m coming.”

Needless to say, fans and followers were incredibly supportive of the vlogger and her short sabbatical, flocking to the comments section to send messages of understanding and love. “Please NEVER apologize for taking a break for your mental health,” one fan gushed. “ALWAYS put yourself first, we love you so so much no matter what.”

Jordan Worona and Tana Mongeau
Courtesy of Tana Mongeau/Instagram

Another fan couldn’t help but let the blonde beauty know that she was missed over the three-week gap. “I’ve missed you BUT … YOUR HEALTH [and] HAPPINESS is the MOST IMPORTANT. DON’T APOLOGIZE,” they wrote, while another follower added, “Take your time, we love you and just want your happiness — always remember how valued you are, I know it’s easy to forget it.”

It definitely seems like Tana’s life has been turned up to eleven lately. In fact, a few hours after her explanation tweet, she took to the platform again to share an anecdote about how crazy filming her show has been. “Just yesterday, I was saying that I’ll never have a scene on my reality show like the one where Khloé [Kardashian] is screaming ‘LIAR,’” she wrote, alluding to the now-infamous scene from KUWTK. “Today, I got in a GIANT FIGHT with someone (guess who) on my show and was literally screaming ‘LIAR.’ Maybe I am a reality star.”

Yeah, we’d say so.