The day has finally arrived, y’all! Tana Mongeau’s reality TV show, Tana Turns 21, is premiering tonight, Monday, July 8. Question is, WTF is the series *really* going to be about? After all, MTV wouldn’t just film the controversial YouTuber doing stupid s–t for hours on end, right? Well, yes and no. 

Based on the trailer, viewers can undoubtedly expect the usual Tana craziness they have come to know and love — drunken escapades, wild outfits and outrageous activities. However, upon closer inspection, Tana Turns 21 is about more than just her wild child tendencies. In fact, it’s about growing up … and not just growing up alone, but rather with her group of best friends. 

ICYMI: Life as an influencer can be pretty cutthroat — ahem, James Charles and Tati Westbrook. With that, it’s hard for social media sensations to find true, lifelong friends. However, Tana has been lucky enough to do just that. The best part? She’s taking them along the ride with her. 

You can expect to see her besties Imari Stuart, Ashly Schwan, Isabella Fusco and Trevor Moran on Tana Turns 21, as well as her longtime manager Jordan Worona.

Of course, Tana’s new beau and *apparent* fiancé, Jake Paul, will also be a focal point of the series. After all, when has Jake, 22, ever passed up the opportunity to be front and center? To be fair, though, Tana shines so bright that we hardly think their ~love story~ will overpower her natural star quality.

So, how can you watch Tana Turns 21? Be sure to tune into MTV YouTube today, Monday, July 8, to watch the premiere episode. We’ll leave you with Tana’s own words now: “MY SHOW AIRS TODAY!!!!!!!! F–K!!!!!! SO MUCH HARD WORK AND FILMING AND CRAZINESS. I’M SO PUMPED!!!!!! GET THOSE TVS READY, HOES.”

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