They’re still engaged, kids! Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul are, in fact, still talking about tying the knot — and even took engagement photos together on July 6, according to their Instagram Stories.

“Doin’ something real extra today,” the 21-year-old YouTuber captioned a Boomerang photo of herself with some serious cleavage in a series of a few videos of the couple’s photoshoot day.

Tana Mongeau in the Car

“Should we tell them what we’re doing?” Tana asked Jake, 22, in the second video as he exited the car after her. “Is it a secret?” He shook his head no and said, “We’re taking engagement photos!” The next image on Tana’s stories was an adorable Boomerang of her fiancé holding a sign that read, “Mr. & Mrs. Paul,” with a heart next to it.

Jake Paul Holding a 'Mr & Mrs Paul' Sign

In another video that Tana captioned, “He was getting dirt out of his shoe hahahahaha,” the couple got extra cozy and shared a kiss and a laugh on camera together. Finally, in another video posted to Jake’s Instagram captioned, “Engagement Photos,” Tana showed off her ring a little bit.

Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau

Needless to say, whether or not the Jana engagement is legitimate has been the subject of many a YouTube drama channel (and, honestly, everyone’s gossip circles) since it happened. Both Jake and Tana have been known to do things “for clout” — meaning recognition or notoriety — before.

Tana Mongeau's Engagement Ring

But, at the same time, the couple has been really vocal about how real the relationship apparently is, even before they got engaged. Plus, they’re together often (Tana wore Jake’s name on the back of her jersey during a star-studded basketball game he played in on her birthday weekend) and do seem to really make each other laugh.

In Jake’s most recent video, they reveal Tana’s plans to do a remix of Jake’s hit track “It’s Everyday Bro” and confirm their engagement and relationship yet again for the people who don’t believe in it, something they did on Tana’s IG stories on June 28.

All we can do at this point is wait and see what happens next for Jana — whether that’s a marriage or a breakup, only time will tell. But we’re rooting for them!