What in the fresh influencer hell is going on right now? Shortly after Tana Mongeau uploaded a video explaining her sudden breakup with Brad Sousa, the popular YouTuber, 20, took to the platform once more, except this time to share a video with none other than the ever-controversial Jake Paul. “Mukbang in Bed With My Rebound,” Tana titled the clip. So, naturally, fans are freaking out. Question is, are Tana and Jake actually dating? 

In short, the answer is no. Tana and Jake, while good friends, are not romantically involved. That said, during the nearly 20-minute video of the pair eating in bed, fans started to notice some serious chemistry between them. So much so, that Tana and Jake shippers are now a thing. 

“Why do I actually ship Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul?” one person tweeted. Side note: Jake got his start on Vine alongside his brother, Logan Paul. Within a couple of months, he quickly rose to fame and even snagged a role on Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark. That said, the 22-year-old has been involved in a number of scandals and thusly, the internet loves to hate him (sometimes for good reason, sometimes not). 

OK, back to the fan reactions. “I’m so here for this, honestly!” echoed another. “If you guys get married, can I be the marriage counselor?” OG YouTuber Shane Dawson chimed in. Geez, if Shane, who created an entire series investigating whether or not Jake is a sociopath, is down for this relationship … maybe we should be, too?

To be fair, considering Tana just landed her very own reality TV show on MTV, we seriously doubt that she has any time for a full-blown relationship — let alone one that would completely rock the internet. That said, we’re so happy to see that the talented beauty is moving onward and upward from her heartbreak.