Poor Tana Mongeau! Just days following the news that she and boyfriend Brad Sousa called it quits over cheating allegations, the 20-year-old influencer took to YouTube to reflect on the pair’s sudden breakup. As much as fans were hoping for Tana to spill the tea or drag her ex, that was hardly the case. In fact, her nearly 20-minute video was raw, heartfelt and honest.

“The video you’re about to watch, I filmed a few days ago and watching it now … I feel like I was in a very different headspace even filming that than I am now,” Tana prefaced her post. “I think that I was a lot more brainwashed still — which sucks to say,” she continued.

Tana went on to confess that while she’s learned a lot more about Brad’s alleged infidelity since originally creating her breakup video — none of which she details — that she still stands by a lot of what she said. “At the end of the day, I did get cheated on a lot,” Tana concluded before jumping into the situation.

Unlike a lot of other YouTubers who post breakup videos, Tana immediately began by saying that in no way was she trying to “crucify Brad.” So much so, that she made it clear on a number of occasions that she doesn’t want her fans sending him hate. “He’s a person who made some mistakes,” Tana reasoned. “I just wanted it to work … I still want it to work. I miss him a lot,” she noted. 

That said, Tana went on to explain that the true point of her video isn’t even about Brad but rather teaching her fans that breakups are complex. “It’s OK to be really sad and to cry and to feel emotions — in reality, it’s a good thing to miss someone — but that doesn’t mean you just go running back.”

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At the end of the day, Tana is just like an ordinary person with a broken heart. However, given her platform, she understands that she has the opportunity to take her pain and make it a teachable moment.

“As much as I hate to admit it, no matter what I do, millions of young girls and guys follow me,” she said. “I like to even think that growing up had I been watching a YouTuber who was putting out the right messages of how to act in relationships when you’re treated poorly that there would have been a chance that I wouldn’t have let myself get treated so poorly in so many relationships.”

We commend her bravery during this emotional time! Keep being a role model, girl. What you’re preaching is important.

Life & Style has reached out to Brad Sousa for comment.