Yellowstone has provided just as much drama off screen as it has on, and the cast’s dynamic with each other has certainly stirred the pot. Amid news of a falling out between Kevin Costner and the bulk of the Yellowstone stars, fans of the show are curious about the relationship shared between Kevin and Luke Grimes, who plays the Bodyguard actor’s son. 

What Has Luke Grimes Said About Kevin Costner? 

Before rumors started swirling about a falling out between Kevin, the cast of Yellowstone and show creator Taylor Sheridan, Luke had nothing but nice things to say about the Hollywood icon. 

“[Kevin] always wants you to come hang out at his trailer down by this creek,” Luke told the New York Post in 2022. “He’s got a fire pit, and he’s a musician, so he’s always got a guitar around and won’t hesitate to play you a song. He does a really good job of taking the pressure off what a huge icon he is.”

Luke also revealed to the publication that he took his own dad, Randy, to the set to meet Kevin and Taylor, calling it a crowning achievement. 

“I took [my dad] to the set a couple of times, him and my mom, and they got to meet Kevin and Taylor,” Luke said. “It was really special to do something he was so proud of. I’m so glad he got to see me realize a dream in that way.”

Luke had changed his tune a bit by 2024, however, and called the show one of the most “intense” experiences. 

“It’s changed my life in every way possible,” the breakout star told People. “Nothing will ever be the same because of this show in all sorts of ways, good and bad. I will miss it terribly. I know that. I mean, I think I’m ready to know how it ends. I’m ready to tell the end of the story,” he continued, though did not offer an update or additional insight into his relationship with his onscreen dad, Kevin. 

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What Happened Between Kevin Costner and the ‘Yellowstone’ Cast? 

News of unrest between the Yellowstone cast started to swirl in June 2022, as Kevin hinted about possibly leaving the show. 

“I’ll go till it doesn’t feel like we’re interesting, and right now we have our foot on the gas and that feels OK to me,” he said. “I have interests that are outside of everything I do, including the movies, so I have other things that I want to do.”

Once news of Yellowstone season 5 was confirmed and the show took home the Golden Globe, things seemed to be looking up – but not for long. Reported conflicts regarding Kevin’s filming schedule muddied the already rocky waters, and when both Kevin and Taylor skipped the PaleyFest event they were supposed to attend, fans noticed. By May 2023, Kevin left production

Days after the star announced he’d be leaving Yellowstone, the show in its original form would not be carrying on after season 5. The sense of betrayal did not sit well with the cast, and an insider told Life & Style that the main stars – Cole Hauser, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley and Luke – no longer want anything to do with Kevin

“He used to hear from Cole and the rest of the gang — but they’ve cut him loose in the months since he walked away from the show,” the source revealed in March 2024, highlighting the reported feud between Kevin and show creator Taylor. “They’re making no effort to see him and don’t get excited when he calls. After all that praise, you can imagine Kevin being a little hurt by their rejection. He’s getting the cold shoulder treatment. It’s a kick in the teeth.”