Will they or won’t they? Shortly after news broke that Tana Mongeau and her boyfriend Brad Sousa called it quits amid cheating allegations, fans started to question whether or not she and ex-girlfriend Bella Thorne would get back together. ICYMI: Bella, 21, also just went through a breakup with rapper Mod Sun.

As it happens, though, the popular YouTuber, 20, actually dated Bella while she was with 32-year-old Mod. So, really, that’s neither here nor there. Basically, as Tana put it during a video explaining her sexuality/relationship with the actress, “Bella and I just f–ked with each other and when we were together, that’s what mattered.” 

That said, now that both ladies are “truly single,” shippers are going wild on Twitter trying to get Tana and Bella back together. “Both [of] their relationships crumbled when they broke up … is anyone else thinking what I’m thinking?” one user wrote, along with the hashtag “BringTellaMorneBack.”

TellaMorne, huh? It’s not exactly the Brangelina of ship names, but we can dig it. “Sign my petition below to get Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne back together now that they’re both single,” another person chimed in. Someone even suggested that the former flames owe it to their fans to get back together. “Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau are gonna reunite, I call it now and honestly, it’s what we all deserve.”

As it stands, neither Bella nor Tana has commented on rekindling their romance. However, both talented beauties liked a couple of suggestive tweets — including one that read, “Tana and Bella 2.0?” — about the possibility of giving things another shot! Considering Tana recently said that she’s focusing on “solitude” and “independence,” we’re not entirely sure she’s willing to jump back into a relationship. However, we’re happy to see that she and Bella will always have love for each other.