In the four days since Tati Westbrook posted her scathing “Bye Sister” video about James Charles, a lot has changed for the popular beauty guru. In addition to receiving a ton of fan backlash, James’ subscriber count on YouTube has plummeted by the millions. However, we suspect that the greatest loss for the 19-year-old comes in the form of losing several friends — including his longtime bestie Tana Mongeau.

Not only has Tana, 20, unfollowed James on all social platforms, but the MTV reality star also shared a cryptic tweet that was likely aimed at her once-BFF. “Having to face the cold hard truth about who people really are and not who they wanted you to think they are is sometimes the most painful thing,” Tana tweeted on Sunday, May 12.

If you’ve been keeping up with Tana’s life as of late, it’s easy to assume that her message is about her ex-boyfriend Brad Sousa who allegedly cheated on her multiple times during their brief romance. That said, shortly after posting the tweet, Tana liked a fan response that read, “@ James.” It’s not exactly concrete evidence that the pair’s friendship is over, but it certainly doesn’t look good.

As it happens, James and Tana only recently started hanging out again. They had a falling out shortly after Tana’s failed convention, TanaCon, where James essentially blamed the influencer for making him look bad in front of his fans. Side note: James agreed to be a featured creator at the event despite his reservations. “I called her yesterday and gave her every last piece of advice I could to save this convention and her reputation, and again, she isn’t listening,” James tweeted on June 23, 2018.

“A TRUE friend will call you out when you’re in the wrong. I thanked her for what she’s done for me and ended our friendship.” James also added that he was “literally the absolute best kind of friend she could ask for.” Fast forward five months later to the launch party for James’ Morphe eyeshadow palette where Tana took to Instagram to announce that she and the makeup mogul reconciled.

“Happy I found my way back to you, sister. Thank you for truly always telling me what I need to hear … not what I want. I love you, James,” she gushed at the time. “NO ONE is as hardworking, persistent, driven and passionate as you. Happy to see your face again. Thank you for being the reason for my growth,” she added.

While James and Tana were able to move past their issues once before, it doesn’t seem as though that will be the case this time around.

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