So long, sister subscribers. Just three days after Tati Westbrook publicly condemned her longtime friend and fellow beauty guru James Charles, the 19-year-old has lost a considerable amount of followers across all of his social platforms. How many exactly? Well, according to CNN, James dropped from 16 million YouTube subscribers on Friday, May 10, to 14 million on Sunday, May 12.

If you’re interested in keeping up with the figure in real time, however, there is a James Charles vs. Tati Westbrook live subscriber count on YouTube that was created shortly after the 37-year-old Halo Beauty founder released her video about James. During the scathing 43-minute clip titled “BYE SISTER,” that currently has over 34 million views, Tati details the dissolution of her friendship with James, as well as behaviors she believed were predatory that were exhibited.

The crux of the pair’s feud began during weekend one of the Coachella music festival. Apparently, in exchange for extra security — with no monetary compensation — James agreed to promote SugarBearHair on his Instagram. Problem is, SugarBearHair is the main competitor of Tati’s vitamin brand and thus, she was hurt by the betrayal.

Furthermore, Tati doesn’t believe that James didn’t have a contract with the brand. In fact, she thinks James went behind her back and set something up way ahead of the festival. Some important backstory: Tati was instrumental in helping James get his footing in the beauty industry. Beyond being a friend, she acted as a mentor and maternal figure.

While James’ behavior at Coachella was upsetting for Tati, it was hardly the only reason that she ended their personal and professional relationship. According to Tati, James has, on a number of occasions, tried to convince straight young men they were gay and to be with him through his celebrity and money, which she said was “disgusting” and “manipulative.”

Despite releasing an apology video of his own, James only very briefly addressed these accusations, claiming that he has “learned the hard way about ways [he] can interact with boys that [he’s] interested in” and boys he “should or shouldn’t be talking to.”