The plot thickens. Shortly after Tana Mongeau released a video explaining her sudden breakup with Brad Sousa, the Canadian influencer put out an apology video on Wednesday, May 1, explaining his side of the story. Unfortunately for Brad, though, Tana isn’t buying it.

The soon-to-be MTV reality star, 20, took to Twitter to seemingly shade her ex, writing, “What a [piece of s–t] video. Filled with lies.” By lies, we can only assume that Tana is referring to Brad’s explanation of the cheating allegations surrounding their split.

The 21-year-old claimed that while Tana’s story was partly “exaggerated,” that he did, in fact, cheat on her by replying to Snapchat nudes from “girls back home.” Brad made it clear that he never “physically touched” another girl while they were together.

Despite Brad’s seemingly sincere apology, Tana’s reaction caused fans to immediately flock to social media in her defense. After all, the only two people that know the true story are her and her former flame.

“Trying to squeeze as much clout from you while he can,” one user wrote on Twitter. Side note: In Tana’s OG breakup video, she listed the many ways that she boosted Brad’s career — i.e. video views, subscribers, taking him to A-list events, etc.

“It’s sad because he had an opportunity to admit his true mistakes to his viewers and at least come clean and be honest with everyone and he wasted that chance. You deserve so much better, Tana,” added another.

Perhaps the most popular comment, however, came from Tana’s rumored rebound, Jake Paul. The infamous social media star retweeted Brad’s apology video titled “I’m Sorry,” and wrote “I’m not,” above it.

While Tana and the 22-year-old are seemingly just friends, it’s very clear that he’s A-OK with his bestie being single these days. Turns out, so is Tana! “Doing things so independently again feels amazing,” the blonde beauty recently tweeted. That’s our girl. Keep killing it on your own.