Are they or aren’t they? YouTube stars Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul continue to fuel (self-made) romance rumors by taking to the platform to share a vid of themselves getting ready for their first date. Yeah, you read that right. First date. Naturally, we’re totally shook at how far they’re taking this joke — which might mean it’s not a joke at all.

In the beginning of the 16 minute vid posted to the 20-year-old blonde‘s vlog channel on May 7, the potential couple laughs about their “fake” relationship while walking through a mall. “Hey guys, Jake and I just spent the day together like the real couple that we are,” she opens the video with a big helping of sarcasm, but these two seem in it enough that we’re still suspicious.

She then goes on to explain that the 22-year-old is having a party at his place (the ~first date~ in question), so the duo is on the hunt for matching outfits. “Because that’s what couples do,” Jake chimes in, to which Tana says, “It would be stupid not to match.” Amen, y’all. All the best couples have a matching look in their playbook.

“We’re rich and in love” and “Couple goals!” get thrown around by Tana as the duo holds hands throughout the shopping plaza, talking about being “that YouTube couple” for wanting to go to Gucci. But instead, they decide on matching, army green jumpsuits by Helmut Lang and ask the sales clerk for one fitting room — LOL, good try, y’all.

Except, of course, these two actually do get their own fitting room together (with Jake’s producer making comments in the background) and things get a little saucy when Jake changes into the jumpsuit. Tana even says she would “smash” if she saw him in it and they weren’t already “you know.”


They end up taking home the jumpsuits (on Jake’s dime, duh) and spend the rest of their time in the video together calling each other “daddy” and “mommy” and just playing the whole thing up. Fast forward to the next day, where the rest of the video shows Tana preparing for the date — being Jake’s plus one to the birthday party he hosted for rapper Desiigner.

Though no one really knows what’s actually going on between these two YouTubers, we’re not missing a thing. We see you, Jana!