Well … we certainly didn’t see this coming. Just one year after Tana Mongeau publicly slammed VidCon, the popular YouTuber, 20, announced on Monday, May 20, that she’ll be attending the 2019 convention as a Featured Creator. For those of you who may be a little rusty on Tana’s history with VidCon, no worries! We’ve got you covered.

Let’s rewind back to April 2018, shall we? Tana took to her YouTube channel to explain to her fans why she wouldn’t be attending VidCon. Throughout the video — which was over an hour long, by the way — the MTV reality star proceeded to completely condemn the convention for not treating their creators or attendees with the respect they deserve. Beyond that, Tana accused VidCon of using her name to make a profit without ever actually making her a Featured Creator (and giving her all the benefits that go along with that). 

To say Tana was heated in the clip would be an understatement. At one point, we lost count of how many times she screamed “f–k VidCon.” Obviously, that’s neither here nor there, because everything is A-OK now, but there’s definitely a lot more that happened in between to get to this place. So, let’s continue.

After Tana dragged VidCon, the response was surprisingly supportive. Fellow influencers and fans alike were proud of her for finally standing up for herself. Unfortunately, that praise snowballed into one of YouTube’s biggest scandals last year … TanaCon.

Because so many people were championing Tana at the time, she decided it was time to put together a convention of her own that would take place the very same weekend as VidCon. Even if you don’t know the story, you can pretty much guess how everything turned out, right?

Right! TanaCon ended up being a major disaster. While not everything that went wrong was *technically* Tana’s fault — ahem, Michael Weist — she eventually came forward, vowed to do better and kept it moving. Sure, people still joke about it every now and again, but Tana was clearly humbled by the failure.

In the months since, Tana has hinted at possibly giving TanaCon another go, but nothing concrete was ever announced, which brings us to modern day. “VidCon knew how important it was for me to attend as a Featured Creator, and I am so glad that this year we were able to work together to make something happen,” Jake Paul’s ladylove said.

“My number one priority has always been my fans and as a Featured Creator, I’m excited to have the opportunity to meet with them on site, thank them for all their support and discuss my many new projects, including my new reality show, and doing it in a safe and comfortable environment — both for them and myself.”

It’s so refreshing to see both Tana and VidCon’s growth in this situation and we hope that she and her fans have a great time this year! VidCon kicks off on Wednesday, July 10, through Saturday, July 13.