For those of you unfamiliar with the world of YouTube celebrities, Tana Mongeau is the definition of A-list. Amassing over 3 million subscribers on the video platform alone, the 20-year-old Las Vegas native has built a career on being a foul-mouthed (in the best way), relatable girl.

Her content ranges from "storytimes" about getting arrested to half-naked "makeup tutorials," and somehow, someway, her fan base continues to grow like weeds. So much so, that Tana was able to draw in a large enough crowd for her very own YouTuber convention.

From Playlist Live to VidCon, YouTuber conventions have become all the rage among the younger generation. Trouble is, they are often overcrowded, understaffed, and absurdly expensive. After Tana herself had a horrible experience at VidCon 2017, she decided to take a stand — thus TanaCon was born.

Within a very short period of time, Tana was able to snag featured creators like Shane Dawson and James Charles, as well as her rumored girlfriend, Bella Thorne. Not bad for a young woman who is planning her first major event, right?

Well, as it turns out, there’s a lot more that goes into a convention of this magnitude than just the talent, and unfortunately, Tana learned that the hard way. However, her apology was not only sincere, but promising of a young woman who still has a bright career ahead of her.

After nearly 15,000 unticketed guests arrived at the event on Saturday, June 23, the venue was forced to cancel the panels for the following day due to it being a "safety hazard." Naturally, everyone involved was disappointed — no one more so than Tana.

In a series of tweets, the blonde beauty made it clear to her fans that while her "intentions for TanaCon were pure," that she "could have prepared better." However, Tana owned up to her shortcomings, promising that next year will be even better.

"I refuse to give up on this but I still will be held accountable & take full blame. This taught me so f—–g much & I know that I will be doing things much differently in the future," Tana wrote. "I can't wait to do something for fans, for free, in a f——g arena with 17x the security & a different, better approach at ticket sales, lines, etc." In addition, Tana assured fans that "refunds will be issued" even if she has to "write the check out of her own pocket." She concluded with "thank you for hearing me out, ily guys."

Generally, the response from her fan base has been nothing but positive. In addition to that, several of Tana’s friends and fellow YouTubers have rallied in support of her apology. "I'm very proud of you for offering this," Shane Dawson tweeted in response to Tana’s promise of refunds. "As messed up as everything got, I think we all knew your heart was in the right place," he continued.

Here’s hoping that Tana will have a speedy bounce back from the whole debacle and that she’ll continue to create tons more amazing content!