We still can't get over the fact that Jaclyn Hill announced she's divorcing her high school sweetheart turned husband of nine years Jon Hill on May 16. Fans have a lot of conerns: why did they break up? Is Jaclyn okay? Are either of them staying in the beautiful new home they bought last year? But the thing fans are most desperate to know is this: will Jaclyn Hill still be Jaclyn Hill, or will she go back to using her maiden name after splitting from Jon?

Jac was born Jaclyn Roxanne Eilers. She used that name until she married Jon in 2009, at the age of 19, and has built an empire around her new moniker. Jaclyn uses the name for her wildly popular YouTube channel, which boasts more than 5 million subscribers. While she could change the username on the channel, she can't change the url, which could create some confusion. Plus, she released her beloved Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette with the title. So fans are wondering, would she really change it after she's built such a huge brand around it?


"Oh my god her whole brand is Jaclyn HILL….I’m speechless what is gonna happen?" asked a fan. "So like Jaclyn Hill isn’t gonna be known as Jaclyn Hill anymore…??? But all her products and everything are out with that last name and it just, how is that gonna work now?" another demanded to know. "What are we going to call Morphe's Jaclyn Hill, now? Jaclyn Eilers Palette x Morphe?" asked one fan. "So Is Jaclyn changing her last name back to Eilers?" asked another.

This fan nailed what will most likely happen: "Just because they're divorcing doesn't mean she HAS to change her last name. Given that she is a brand as Jaclyn Hill, I'm guessing she will not revert to her maiden name." Plus, Jaclyn's old name came from her father, who she is now estranged from, so she probably wouldn't want that one either. We say keep the name, girl, you earned it!