These days, beauty guru Jaclyn Hill is known as the glowy-est, most perfectly contoured YouTuber on the Internet, but she wasn’t always that way! On Instagram, the raven-haired beauty shared her very first glow-up post featuring a throwback pic — and it shows just how far she’s come on her makeup journey. Watch the video below to see the photo:

People in the comments section definitely took notice. “You have come so far but it’s cool to look back,” one fan wrote. “I still love you. I’m really inspired by all your hard work. I miss your videos but I understand the hustle. Best wishes in all you do this year, I look forward to the adventure.” Another joked, “I think we all had the orange tan and thin brows at one point, you’re gorgeous regardless.”

In a 2016 interview with Women’s Wear Daily, the now 27-year-old opened up about how her love for makeup developed over the years. “My first love was fashion,” she said. “I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was like, five, six, seven years old…Then I went from fashion to video and photography and fell in love with that, and then I went from video and photography to makeup.” Well, clearly, her dedication has paid off!