Beauty guru and makeup YouTuber Jaclyn Hill is definitely in the holiday spirit! On top of doing her normal Christmas giveaways, consisting of literally thousands of dollars worth of amazing merch, she’s made a special giveaway for single mothers who can’t afford to give their children presents. She announced the news on Snapchat, and of course got a little emotional — as will you! Watch the video below to see her sweet announcement:

“This is the day that I am the most excited for and the most emotional about,” she said in the snap. “Growing up I was so blessed to always have incredible Christmases and I never had a Christmas that I went without and I’m so lucky to have that and I know there’s so many women out there who just cry themselves to sleep because they can’t afford their kids’ presents… You can’t always explain to a kid, like, ‘Hey it’s not always about presents on Christmas,’ when all their friends are going to run around so excited showing off their new stuff.”

Jaclyn is known for her stance on keeping makeup affordable. Her work with Morphe and its owner Linda Tawil proves that. In a Snapchat announcing Morphe’s new store, Jac mentioned the accessible price points and how important they are to her. “I just love that they’re sticking to it and doing such incredible makeup at an affordable cost,” she said. Well, Jaclyn, you’re certainly getting us into a charitable mood — keep on being the Christmas queen!