Even if Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul’s recent engagement is likely just a publicity stunt, it doesn’t mean that we can’t talk about the massive ring Jake gifted his ladylove, right? Right! With that, Life & Style spoke exclusively with Kathryn Money, VP of Strategy and Merchandising at Brilliant Earth, to get her expert opinion on Tana’s bling — including the cut, carats and price tag.

“Tana’s ring appears to feature an emerald, elongated cushion or elongated radiant cut diamond in a three stone white gold or platinum setting with tapered baguette diamond accents,” Kathryn explained, adding that the “center diamond” weighs “approximately 3.5-4 carats.”

In the event you’re not well-versed in the ways of jewelry, let us translate: It’s a very, very nice ring. “Many celebs including J. Lo, Jennifer Lawrence and Lauren Bushnell have recently opted for engagement rings featuring emerald cut diamonds, demonstrating a continued increase in popularity for this elegant diamond shape,” Kathryn noted. 

Tana Mongeau engagement ring
Courtesy of Tana Mongeau/Instagram

If you need some more convincing about the quality of Tana’s rock, perhaps the price will do the trick. “Depending on the quality and specific characteristics of the diamond, we estimate the cost of the ring to be between $60,000 – 100,000+ USD,” Kathryn said. We’ll go ahead and let that sink for a second.

OK … to be fair, considering Jake, 22, has a net worth of 11.5 million, it’s not entirely outlandish for him to drop that kind of dough. However, because he and Tana, 21, have only been together for two months, it’s pretty darn shocking to the ~average~ person.

Then again, this is Tana and Jake we’re talking about, collectively they’re two of the most controversial influencers on the internet. So much so, that it’s still unclear as to whether they will actually walk down the aisle. Either way, we continue to wish Jake and Tana all the happiness (and clout) their engagement has to offer.

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