Shortly after the Dirty Dancing remake aired on May 24, Twitter memes began popping up all over the internet… and the reactions weren't good.

The TV movie starred former child actor Abigail Breslin and Colt Prattes as star-crossed lovers, Baby Houseman and Johnny Castle. The two leads had their work cut out for them because the 1987 original is a fan-favorite among viewers. ABC's attempt to re-package the flick for the younger generation might have had the best intentions, but it ultimately fell flat.

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In a particularly scathing review, Entertainment Weekly wrote, "Together they dance like nobody's watching, and kiss like strangers trying not to get mono. (Seriously, it is hard to understate how little electricity there is between them, considering how much screen time they share. Potatoes have more sexual dazzle than these two.)"

Ouch — and it's important to note that the biggest issue critics had was that the actors lacked the intense chemistry Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze brought to the film. Some also argued that the changes in the movie didn't add to the storyline, but were instead a way to fill up time.

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"Across the board, the liveliness levels stay stuck on low, perhaps because everyone involved can sense they’re going through motions previously established and perfected 30 years ago," Vulture explained in their review. "The original Dirty Dancing is an hour and 40 minutes long. Wednesday night’s broadcast runs for three hours including commercials, with the movie itself lasting just over two hours. This thing hasn’t been expanded in order to tell a richer story. It's been padded for more ad breaks."

Critics were unanimous in their dislike for the remake, but the Internet was even worse — scroll down to see the funniest Dirty Dancing Twitter reactions!

Well… at least we'll always have the original!