As amazing as Kris Jenner looks these days, there’s no denying her face appears to be a bit, er, more enhanced than it once was. With that, Life & Style spoke exclusively with Dr. Rian Maercks, a Miami-based board certified plastic surgeon, about the possibility of the KUWTK star, 64, previously going under the knife.

Dr. Maercks, who has never treated Kris personally, spoke specifically about the mogul’s apparent cheek fillers. “Kris’s added cheek volume appears to be very pronounced particularly because of relative emptiness around it. This may be caused by a procedure many actresses have performed where some low cheek fat called Bichat’s fat pad is removed through the mouth,” he detailed.

Kris Jenner in 2012, Kris Jenner in 2019
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“This procedure tends to create a deeper area around the dimples particularly when smiling. The juxtaposition of that emptiness and fullness of the cheeks draws more attention to the area,” Dr. Maercks continued. “If the area around the mouth, base of nose and the eyes were treated, this would appear more blended and natural. The look created by her cheek fill takes away from her inherent beauty, in my opinion, and does create a bit of aging and unnatural look.”

Dr. Maercks went on to address individuals, such as Kris, who sometimes look as though they have “golf balls in their cheeks” following injections. “It’s because filler injections administered in the wrong places can actually speed up the aging process and deform the face,” he said.

Kris Jenner Cheek Fillers

“For years, manufacturers have claimed that the best way to use their products is to inject in the Y-area of the face: the balls of the cheeks, lips and chin area. But here’s the problem, as we age, we naturally collect volume in the balls of our cheeks,” Dr. Maercks added. “So, why would we ever inject at this site and add ‘volume of age’? It’s just wrong and is the reason people are walking around looking so unnatural and cartoon-like. Let’s just leave the golf balls on the fairway where they belong.”

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