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Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s Failed Bromance Is the Saddest Thing You Will See Today

This week, Donald Trump wished his Vice President Mike Pence a happy birthday by simply reposting a very stiff photo of himself with his daughter Ivanka Trump and Pence in front of the White House. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY VP," the POTUS captioned the Instagram photo, in hopes that using caps lock would hide the fact he gave Pence only three words on his big day and didn't even give him a shout out on his beloved Twitter.

The birthday message was so weak, it made us miss former President Barack Obama's bromance with his VP Joe Biden even more than we thought possible. In comparison, on Biden's birthday last year, Obama gushed about his right-hand man and BFF. "Happy birthday to @JoeBiden, my brother and the best vice president anybody could have," he wrote before sharing a meme of the duo at the State of the Union address.

Unlike Trump and Pence, Obama and Biden never hid their meme-inspiring friendship from anyone — not even their wives, Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden. "That has become a truly beautiful friendship, and I don’t think we’ve seen a lot of that, especially in politics," Jill said in 2016 before Michelle added, "It's the best decision that Barack has made as president of the United States, picking Joe and the Bidens as our partners in this journey."

Michelle also joked that their bromance, was in fact, too real. "They’ll go for long walks together, looking into each other's eyes, 'I miss you, I miss you, too.'" Meanwhile, the nicest thing Trump has said about his partner in the White House is, "Mike Pence won big. We should all be proud of Mike," on Twitter following a debate. Is it just us, or does anyone else think Pence is secretly plotting to overthrow Trump?

Whatever the case, there is no denying Obama and Biden win in the bromance category. Don't believe us? Scroll through the gallery below to see how the Trump/Pence "bromance" compares to Obama/Biden.