The road to parenthood has had its ups and downs for Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner. The couple suffered a devastating miscarriage during their first pregnancy and Doug recently revealed he lost his job right before the birth of their daughter Henley Grace.

However, now the Married at First Sight couple has their own spin-off, Jamie and Doug Plus One, and they are giving their fans an update on their current financial status. “Right before Henley was born, Jamie and I were in a tough place financially,” he said on the couple’s new reality show. “Within the same week that we were going to be getting the keys to our new house was when I was laid off from my job. And it wasn’t until Henley was born that I finally got another one. As much as Jamie would love to be a stay-at-home mom, we’re both out there working to catch up with our bills.”

While the couple turned to Doug’s parents to help with babysitting Henley, the grandparents decided they could no longer help out — putting Doug’s new job at risk. “Taking off and calling out as a new person just doesn’t work,” he explained. “I have sales to hit. I can’t lose my job at this point.” According to his LinkedIn page, Doug still works at Dodge Data & Analytics as a business development manager. Doug recently made light of his career struggles, joking on Instagram,”So what can @doughehner be hired for: ordained minister, human and animal baptisms, ghost hunter and now pedicures and hair coloring!”

Jamie has been a labor and delivery nurse for years, and Doug’s unstable profession has taken a visible toll on the reality star — with fans noticing his unusually skinny frame. Jamie addressed rumors Doug was sick on Twitter, writing, “Because he has had SO much stress — we were six months pregnant when he lost his job… please don’t comment on how skinny he looks and how he ‘doesn’t look well’ bc it offends him.” We’re just glad to see the couple working it out together.