No matter how famous ~Mr. Champagne Papi~ gets, he always finds ways of paying homage to where he came from. No, we’re not talking about Canada — we’re talking about Degrassi. Drake just loves referencing his faux alma mater and TBH, we can’t get enough!

The rapper’s latest sign of Degrassi affection was organizing the most epic cast reunion we’ve ever seen! For Drake’s “I’m Upset” music video, the 31-year-old brought the ol’ gang back together in all of their former teenage glory — with the exception of two major characters. Where the heck were JT Yorke and Sean Cameron?!

Well, for starters, some fans are speculating that the reason JT wasn’t in the music video is because, as we all sadly know, his character was killed off the series. That said, Drake’s character, Jimmy Brooks, was confined to a wheelchair. So…they aren’t exactly sticking to the Degrassi script in the video.

As far as Sean is concerned, we’re going to have to Kanye-shrug on that one. Though, he was bitter rivals with Jimmy on the show. Maybe Drake wanted to keep their fake high school feud alive? As much as we love the guy, we don’t put those pettiness levels past him.

Even without JT’s quirkiness and Sean’s brooding bad boy shtick, the music video was the perfect amount of millennial nostalgia. After all, we did get to see fan-favorites like Emma Nelson, Craig Manning, and Spinner Mason.

Unfortunately, the OG Degrassi seasons still aren’t on Netflix! So, if this video inspired you to binge-watch, you’re S.O.L. Instead, you’re stuck with that Degrassi: Next Class bulls–t, which, let’s be real, not even Drake could save.