Look, we get it, stars like JAY-Z have money to burn, but a $110,000 bar tab seems a little outrageous to us. Like, in some states, you could buy a whole house with that money. Or buy half a dozen nice cars. Or pay for all of the student loans we may or may not have acquired from college and/or grad school. Instead, the rapper spent that money on a friend's birthday, including a $13,000 dinner, $9,000 in drinks at a restaurant, and another $91,135 at the club (for which he apparently left an additional $11,000 tip). Page Six has a photo of the insane receipt showing that the star dropped $1,200 for a bottle of champagne five different times — and, FYI, it was for his own brand, Armand de Brignac, aka Ace of Spades! Not only that, he also paid another $18,000 and $50,000 for even fancier bottles of Ace of Spades. Jay, you know you can get your own champagne for free, right? Don't you have a stockpile at home? Ready to be totally blown away? Check out the video above to see that and other times rappers have spent thousands at the club in a single night.

Hey, we guess when Forbes dubs you one of the five richest artists in hip-hop and you're worth about $810 million, that's pocket change. Especially when your wife is worth an additional $450 million. But Jay doesn't just blow all that money at the club — he also lavishes it on his family. Rumor has it that last June, he and Beyoncé spent millions on bejeweled gold pacifiers for their twin babies. And before that, he apparently spent $80,000 on a diamond-encrusted Barbie for his then one-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, just one part of a $200,000 birthday celebration.

While Drake follows the rapper's footsteps, spending plenty of his almost $90 million net worth at the club, other musicians follow in his footsteps in other ways. Like DJ Khaled, who spoils his son Asahd. Not only has the one year old met all the coolest celebs in the game, he also lives large financially. For his first birthday last October, his dad threw him a huge party… and gave him a $100,000 watch featuring 600 diamonds. What baby needs a watch that extra — or a watch at all — we just don't know. But next time a rapper decides to make it rain, we're just hoping they'll send some of that good weather our way.