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12 Dwight Quotes From ‘The Office’ We Wish We Could Get Away With Saying in Real Life

Sometimes we wish we could be more like Dwight from The Office. He says whatever’s on his mind, and doesn’t worry about the consequences — which, ya know, reminds us of all of the characters on the NBC show (hence why it will forever be one of our favorite series of all time). Of course, there is one person in particular who probably could get away with speaking his mind just like Dwight… and that’s Rainn Wilson himself.

The actor behind the hilarious character revealed that fans assume he pretty much is Dwight in real life. “I just realized all of the sudden, like, everyone thinks I’m Dwight… that I’m this kind of annoying, difficult, nerdy, creepy guy. And they don’t know Rainn Wilson” he admitted. “Although I’m a little bit nerdy, annoying and creepy, I’m not as much as Dwight Schrute.”

Over the years, Rainn has worked to differentiate himself from his beloved character on The Office, and while we’re definitely not complaining, the fangirl in us wishes Dwight actually did exist IRL. Check out the gallery to see 12 quotes we wish we could get away with saying in real life.