Love is in the air! Elizabeth Chambers has a lot going on, but one thing she always manages to squeeze into her schedule is spending time with her husband, Armie Hammer. The mom-of-two, 36, exclusively sat down with Life & Style to reveal her adorable Valentine’s Day plans.

“We will be in London for Valentine’s Day this year,” the brunette beauty gushed. “I made a reservation at one of our favorite restaurants of all time — The River Café. So, we will be there. We love the chef, and so we are going to be celebrating the best way we know how — with good food and amazing sweets!”

The duo has been together for over 10 years, so what is the secret to their long-lasting marriage? “I like to think that the key to making it work is showing up,” she said. “Anyone can say, ‘I want to be there’ or ‘I love you,’ but showing up is so important. I always do that for my friends, for my husband. Being present is always a good key to making any relationship, friendship, or lifeship work.”

Elizabeth Chambers Baileys Bird Bakery

This Valentine’s Day, the bakery owner partnered with Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur so that she could create a limited-edition treat sold exclusively at both Bird Bakery locations called Love Bird Jars. The Texas native is very passionate about food and dessert, so the collaboration happened “really organically.” Elizabeth has always said that “the only thing better than a cupcake is a boozy cupcake.” Amen!

Bird Bakery has been open for almost seven years, but the best part about Elizabeth’s job is that she gets to experience milestones and sweet (see what we did there?) memories with people.

“One of my favorite stories is a couple that came into the San Antonio location, right when we opened,” she recalled. “They were on their first date and we were actually closed, but I saw that they were both weird and nervous — just first nervous date energy. I opened our doors and let them choose from the cupcakes we had left, and they went out and sat on the back of the guys’ car. I could tell they were really in love. Now, we have done their wedding cake, her gender reveal cake for the first baby, a birthday cake for her first baby, and the gender reveal for her second baby! You have to take the moment to really be present and celebrate and enjoy those milestones.”

The entrepreneur is working on some exciting stuff in 2019, including a cookbook. We can’t wait to what else Elizabeth has up her sleeve!