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Courtesy of Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

Shut down! Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t want to answer anyone’s questions about starting a family with her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard. “To everyone who asked me yesterday when I was getting pregnant,” the Inamorata founder, 28, captioned her Story following an Instagram Q&A on Saturday, April 4. 

Emily posted a photo of a diagram titled “The Life Cycle of Woman.” Basically, the message behind the picture, drawn by Liana Finck, was that women go from children who are “invisible” to “sexy objects”  to “mothers” to being “invisible” again.

Emily Ratajkowski Life Cycle of Woman
Courtesy of Emily Ratajkowski/Instagram

Of course, this is hardly the first time the supermodel has shared her thoughts on being an empowered woman — including how she chooses to express herself to the world. “Two summers ago, while vacationing with my friend and her girlfriend, my friend made an offhand remark about me being ‘hyper femme,’” she said in a personal essay for Harper Bazaar in August 2019.

“It kind of threw me because in many ways, probably like anyone would, I felt that her comment was an oversimplification of my identity,” EmRata continued. “In my day-to-day life, I was not aware of being femme or [masculine] or anything but just me. Her observation surprised me and made me feel suddenly self-conscious.”

The U.K.-born clothing designer went on to explain that so long as she’s staying true to herself, that’s all that matters! “Despite the countless experiences I’ve had in which I was made to feel extremely ashamed and, at times, even gross for playing with sexiness, it felt good to play with my feminine side then, and it still does now,” Emily wrote. “I like feeling sexy in the way that makes me, personally, feel sexy. Period.”

You tell ‘em, girl! Since the beginning of the quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic, Emily has been conducting lots of Q&As with her (25.9 million!) followers. Here’s hoping nobody asks her about getting pregnant again and instead, focuses on all the wisdom she has to offer. 

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