Reddit users make dreams come true, and this photo is proof.

Before Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was raising his eyebrow on the WWE, and waaaay before he became one of Hollywood’s biggest action stars, he was just a regular dude livin’ it up in the ‘90s — a regular turtleneck-lovin’, gaudy jewelry-wearin’, fanny pack-sportin’ type of dude.

And one magical person decided to post this image of the actor from a time we now consider his prime on the popular website. Seriously — we doubt there’s anyone you know that can rock high-waisted jeans and even higher hair and look that good.

Let’s break down this awesomeness from top to bottom:

We Don’t Know What We Love More: The Hair or That Earring

the rock

Who says Brillo Pads are strictly used for cleaning dishes? Also this pretty much proves only real men can rock a hoop earring. #TRUTH

Naturally You Need a Chain Link Necklace and Matching Bracelet to Go Along With the Watch You Found on Clearance at Macy’s

the rock

And don’t forget it’s all planned to really highlight the best part of the outfit: a turtleneck only a mother could love. (We’re pretending that belt doesn’t exist.)

This Fanny Pack is EVERYTHING

the rock

We don’t know anyone — not even a Saved By the Bell character — who could look as confident as The Rock does with his fanny. Let’s not forget to mention the ultimate ‘90s stance: leaning on some random concrete wall with your thumb resting behind the pack (we’re thinking about you, Brandon Walsh, suh-woon)…

the rock

…Clearly he had more style than a New Kid on the Block — and knew a thing or two about EMO before it hit melancholy kids a decade later. Stud.

But something tells us The Rock these days wouldn’t be caught dead in this outfit. In fact, he’s all like:

the rock

We do smell what The Rock is cooking — and it’s burning clothes from the ‘90s, specifically this outfit.

A huge thank you for this gem, IMSOBUTTHURT. (Interesting user name.)

Photoshop by Julia Birkinbine