Just because the Jordyn Woods and Khloé Kardashian drama has died down in recent months, doesn’t mean the beef is buried for good. In fact, after the season 16 finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on Sunday, June 30, fans are more riled up than ever. 

During an incredibly heated phone call with Tristan Thompson’s friend Savas, Koko, 34, called her cheating baby daddy, 27, and Jordyn, 21, “fat f–king a–holes.” Now, to be fair, she wasn’t just body-shaming Kylie Jenner’s ex BFF. However, woman to woman … that ain’t cool. 

Naturally, the internet agrees with that sentiment and flocked to Jordyn’s Instagram to show their love and support. Important side note: For most of Khloé’s time in the spotlight, she was considered the “ugly” or “fat” sister in her family. Additionally, she hosts a show called Revenge Body where she helps struggling individuals reach their goal weight. We doubt you need a second to process the irony here. 

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“Girl, they wish they were you. Keep stuntin’ on them naturally with what God has given you,” one user commented on a stunning golden hour snapshot of Jordyn. “A natural queen, I know some people who can’t relate,” added another. “Queen stays unbothered after that BS drama on KUWTK,” a third person echoed.

Unfortunately, a couple of people (read: trolls) suggested that Jordyn deserves the hate for hooking up with another woman’s man. “You hurt people and you’re out here flaunting yourself. Wow! So egotistical!” someone commented. “How can you act like a victim when you messed up!” added another. 

As it stands, Jordyn has yet to comment on Khloé calling her fat and to be honest, we doubt she will. At the end of the day, posting fire photos on Instagram is the best response of all.

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