Ariana Grande’s older brother, Frankie Grande, ​publicly debuted his post-plastic surgery face where the stars are – on Broadway.

“Took my new nose out to see New York. She loved The Wiz,” Frankie, 41, captioned his Monday, July 8, Instagram post.

The performer shared photos of the Big Apple excursion where he was accompanied by his mom, Joan Grande, and friends. Frankie managed to look effortlessly chic in a black lace collared top while showing off his voluminous platinum blond hair. However, his unique nose accessory is what really tied the look together. After sharing a series of glam-filled photos, Frankie wrapped the post up with a makeup-free bedside selfie.

A few hours later, Frankie shared a video via Instagram Stories of his new nose without the cast after going to a routine check-up appointment.

“So, today I got the cast off my nose and it just like, blew up like a balloon, which apparently is supposed to happen. But it freaked me out a teeny bit, but still very excited,” the former America’s Best Dance Crew judge said. “So, it was like really swollen, right? Like the first day after surgery and then like, took a whole week to come back down to looking, like, cute like it did yesterday. And I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is so cute.’ I can visualize it and then they took the cast off today and it went.”

Frankie concluded the message by revealing that he’s restarting the “unswelling process” and he “cannot wait” to take the nose tape off for the final reveal.

Frankie was transparent about his plastic surgery journey and shared a post-op selfie via Instagram on ​Sunday, July 7. Not only did he have a full nose splint, but the YouTuber’s head was wrapped in an ear guard and his eyes were still bruised from the procedure.

Frankie Grande Debuts ‘New Nose’ After Plastic Surgery: Photos
Frankie Grande/ Instagram

Ariana, 31, showered her brother with love in the comments section of the post, writing, “perfect in all ways, always !!!!”

A fan wrote, “I though it was gonna say: “finally Pride month is over…”[Four laughing emojis] sending healing vibes! [sic].”

Frankie replied, “honestly that too!”

This isn’t the first time that the “I Got Me” singer has given his fans the inside scoop about his beauty practices. In fact, he shared his wedding ​prep] before getting married to husband Hale Leon in May 2022.

“I definitely started with Botox and filler. I had really significant bags under my eyes due to genetics and there was really nothing I could do to address them except for filler,” Frankie told StyleCaster ​four months before his nuptials. “It took a long time for me to get rid of the bags under my eyes, but now, I don’t need to get filler at all anymore. It is not something I ever have to get touched up. It’s just perfect. It’s been like this for eight years. So shout out to Dr. Lancer who is great.”

Frankie also recalled the moment he decided to first get Botox.

“Then, I started doing Botox because I had a friend who was dating a very famous makeup artist and knew to basically start Botox early, so that later on, the wrinkles are never there to get rid of,” he told the outlet. So, “I’ve never really had wrinkles that were etched into my face or deep lines on my forehead. I never got them! So, basically, I did what some call pre-juvenation, but I was doing it before there was a name for it.”