Let’s be honest. The best part of watching Bachelor in Paradise is having all the Bachelor Nation stars live-tweet right along with you. Some of the show’s current cast and past alumni always have hilarious things to say, whether they’re adding a little of their personal insight to a situation or just making us LOL with their commentary on a bad kiss or incredible date. And though we love seeing reality stars like Evan Bass and Carly Waddell bring their baby on the show, what we really love are their tweets. 

In honor of tonight’s finale (and tomorrow’s reunion), we went through and rounded up some of our favorite tweets from this season of Paradise, including from your favorite Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants as well as some too-funny fans. We can’t wait to see what they have to say tonight. 

Evan tweeted about how all of America was feeling. 

A fan put into words just what we love about this show. 

Evan knows exactly what it feels like when you’re just about ready to swear off the show. 

A fan perfectly articulated how we felt during that Chris-Tia conflict. 

And another fan put into words how we feel about Chris in general. 

Evan revealed what really goes one when cast members talk behind the scenes. 

A fan gave a different perspective on this “all in” thing. 

Bibi was all of us realizing that sometimes our goals are just out of reach. 

A fan showed love to the most #relationshipgoals couple on the beach. 

We all discovered exactly where our limits were when it came to the commercials.

Bibi found the most perfect lookalike of the Bachelor calendar year.

A fan pointed out who the true star of the show is. 

We all felt like this during the babysitting date. 

Carly related a little too much when the palapa came into play. 

Sometimes the best moments went almost unnoticated. 

A fan celebrated the best burn of the summer.

Evan shared the best reason to root for Colton as the Bachelor.

Tonight, we’re definitely tuning in for the drama — and yeah, okay, we’re watching for the love, too. But to be honest, we’re mostly excited for even more tweets like these.