On March 16, Chef Geoff Tracy’s Washington, D.C., area restaurants were forced to switch to takeout and delivery only — and he had to lay off all but 15 employees. That’s when this boss went to work.

Chef Geoff

In addition to starting a GoFundMe that’s raised over $40K for his onetime workers, Tracy opened a neighborhood pantry (selling gloves, bleach, toilet paper, fruits, veggies and more) with profits going to the staff.

“I found out on Easter Day that I got a loan through the Payroll Protection Program,” adds the restaurateur, who is wed to CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell. “The loan will enable me to pay almost 200 former employees for the next eight weeks!”

CHef Geoff

Chef Geoff and wife Norah also recently donated 15K gloves to the D.C. nonprofit Martha’s Table!

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