Given that people can’t get enough of Game of Thrones, it’s no surprise that the free-to-play video game, Game of Thrones: Conquest, is insanely popular as well. Who wouldn’t want to be the head of their own virtual House, and eventually (hopefully) rule the Seven Kingdoms? Of course, as with all video games, there’s a part of GOT: Conquest that has people stumped: How to get bricks.

In order to get beyond level 10, and move on to bigger, more exciting things, you’re going to need bricks for your buildings, and you can purchase them with Gold Coins. The bricks aren’t very costly, but if you don’t have any Gold Coins or are looking to save up, there’s another way you can get bricks.

You can farm for them. Basically, you need to look for humanoid creatures that are level 6 and above — think thugs, tribesmen, bandits, etc. — and defeat them. But don’t get too cocky. While this may sound super simple, defeating a level 6 or 7 animal is much easier than fighting humanoids. So proceed with caution. (Also, a helpful hint: check out your event tab in the game [top left, underneath your profile photo] to see if there are any events pertaining to bricks, such as a Brick and Scroll Festival.)

If you’re just starting out the game, a word to the wise: Do as many quests as you can, especially in the lower levels. If you do this, the bricks will come to you and you’ll be able to build a nice stockpile.

game of thrones conquest
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Another tip for getting bricks, according to GOT TIPS on YouTube, is to hunt low-level creatures. Typically, creatures level 5 and above never drop things, but the lower level ones may, so be on the look out.

In mid-September, an admin on an official GOT: Conquest message board told users who were complaining about the bricks situation: “Just keep an eye out! We’ve got something to help with this soon.” But fans of the game didn’t seem satisfied. “To be clear, if I reach the point of maximum progression in a game, I move on to other games,” one user responded, adding, “Just saying.”

No word on whether this helpful something has been rolled out yet, but in the meantime, there are a few ways to stock up — or at least, obtain — bricks. Here’s hoping it won’t be as difficult in the future!