Who knew George Clooney could be so relatable? The handsome new dad opened up about his outlook on fatherhood just three months after welcoming twins Ella and Alexander — and got really candid about how life has been for him so far!

“Suddenly, you’re responsible for other people, which is terrifying,” he told The Associated Press in a new interview. “I just have to clean the barf off of my tux. It used to be my barf but now it’s the twins’ barf. So it all works out.”

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George and Amal.

The A-list actor and his wife, Amal Clooney, welcomed their son and daughter in early June, and have kept their kids and themselves out of the spotlight ever since. When asked about how his lady is doing, he couldn’t help but gush. “She’s like an Olympic athlete,” George said. “She’s doing so beautifully.”

Right now, George is putting his acting career on the back burner to care for his little ones. “I’m in an interesting place in my life. I’m acting almost never for a lot of reasons. Mostly because I don’t have any great interest in it and haven’t read anything (good enough),” he said.

“They still let me do what I want to do,” the ER star — who is enjoying his summer vacation in Italy with his family — added. “As long as that’s the case, then I’m going to keep doing it. For me, you’ve got to keep pushing the envelope until they take everything away — which they eventually do with everybody.”

He concluded, “Right now my job is changing diapers and walking them around a little bit. I really didn’t think at 56 that I would be the parent of twins. Don’t make plans. You always have to just enjoy the ride.” Now all we need is a photo of the siblings!